Excel Public School has some periodic functions, which we host during our school assembly to improve the overall generic awareness, civil responsibilities and interaction among our students. Please visit the following sections to know more about these assembly events.

The main headlines of the day are briefed by a student during the assembly. This makes sure that every one of our students is updated on the general happenings of the world on a daily basis.

A select student from class IX or X talks about an eminent personality in the assembly on Mondays.

On all Tuesdays, a student of senior class delivers a speech of 2-3 minutes duration through which they polish their oratory skills.

Every Wednesday, a student from standard IX or X, introduces a medicinal plant in the assembly and elucidate its medicinal values. The student then plants this sapling in the school compound accompanied by a particular class and their class teacher.

Teachers also share their views to the students through short speeches on Thursdays.

On Fridays, the assembly is made livelier through the recitations of children (classes 1-4).

Thematic quiz questions and answers are presented once in a week.

A classic author and his work is introduced once in a week to reveal the world of literature to the students.

Birthdays are always special and we make it more special and meaningful by introducing the ‘Birthday Gift’ program where in a child donates a book to the school library.

With an intention to make the students read newspapers and develop awareness about the world scenario, we introduced the Quiz corner. A question is given on all Wednesdays based on the week’s main headlines. Students are to find answers to the questions and deposit it in the boxes assigned to them. Prizes are awarded to the winners, monthly.