Excel Public School offers our students with all the facilities needed for enhancing their learning experience. Please visit the following sections to know more about our school facilities in detail.

We accommodate a maximum of 20 students in a class and a maximum of 600 students in the school. This will help the teachers to provide individual attention to the children and the students, in turn, get more opportunities to involve and participate in all the activities of the school.

The lab facility is made available to the students from classes I - X. Separate labs are provided for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, IT etc. A full time lab assistant supports the working of the lab. Individual computers are provided for each child in the IT LAB.

In accordance with the maxim 'Health is wealth', the school provides a well-equipped sports room for indoor games and a vast playground for outdoor games.

The activity room with building blocks, brainy games, and edutainment gadgets such as 'IKYU' (Adaptive Training Software) boost the creative and mental talents of children.

Two well-set AV labs cater to the audiovisual needs of the children. We also use Eureka, a software that is based on the syllabus and is very helpful in visualizing their topics.

Two periods in a week are allotted for library. The assigned teacher takes the students to the library and guides them in choosing books. In classes I and II teachers read out books to the students. The library has a full time Librarian and an Assistant Librarian. Every week a student is issued books. The library remains open on Saturdays also. During vacation too, the library is open on Fridays to facilitate and encourage book reading among students.

PCM trust has instituted a scholarship for talented deserving children. Students who are eligible will be given 50 % of the tuition fees as scholarship. The trust welcome contributions from like minded people in this regard.