Annual Day is held in the third term in the month of January. The Annual Day of Juniors and Seniors are conducted on two consecutive days. Annual Day is thematic with light and Sound system – a new theme is selected every year Every student is given a chance to participate in the programme. Programme conducted in 3 different stages for almost 3 hours is a visual treat.

Competitions held under the Arts Festival are divided into seven segments that are conducted over a period of four to five months. This festival tests the various skills of the students—oratory, literary, musical, dancing, histrionic and intellectual skills. Competitions are held in around 120 items to ensure participation of all the students. Items are classified into individual, group and common to all. The whole school is divided into 4 houses and each house is further divided into four groups( Group 1 standard 1 &2 Group 2 standard 3 &4 Group 3 standard 5 to7 Group 4 standard 8 to 10) The Houses battle it out for the championship trophy. KG remains as a separate group. Competitions are conducted mainly for group action song, story telling, colouring etc..

Special days like World Environment Day, Reading Day, Independence Day, Onam, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Kerala Piravi, Christmas etc. are celebrated elaborately to kindle in the students the fire of patriotism, social commitment, moral values etc.

Sports Day is a mega event held extensively after rigorous practice and training. All students from K.G to class X take part in the Sports Day’s activity usually held in the month of November. Competitions are held in 36 items where the finalists take part after winning the preliminary rounds. Physical Training display by different groups is done near perfectly. March Past steals the show with disciplined marching. Sports Day ends with Mass Drill which is a treat to the eyes.