Co-curricular Activities

At Excel public school we encourage students to involve in numerous activities, which suit their abilities.
International educational experts assert that schools encouraging their students to actively participate in extracurricular programs have gained significant achievement in academic and disciplinary sectors. The way we promote extracurricular programs at our school instills in our students responsibility, self-discipline, self-esteem and self-respect.

Compulsory dance practice for classes 1-5 wherein they learn the basics of classical dance.

Basic Karnatic Music training up to Keertanas, under expert hands from classes 1-6.

Compulsory Keyboard/Organ practice for all students from classes 5-8

Drawing and colouring sessions and training are Compulsory for classes 1 – 8

Gardening periods for classes 1 to 4 to instill in them a love for Mother Nature.

Exclusive training in Yoga and Kalari payattu to everyone from classes 5-10.

Craft classes from 1-10, with a craft exhibition held once in a term.

Class wise poster making from classes 5-10 on selected topics help them indulge deeply into social, cultural and political issues.

The display boards on the ground floor looks Kaleidoscopic with attractive information on specific Countries/Indian states – their tradition, culture, festivals, art forms, important places etc.

The To inculcate the principle ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ the programme ‘Spic N Span’ is introduced. The Spic N Span shield is presented every month, to the neatest classroom with clean shelves, floor, informative walls etc.

The Hindu newspaper is used as a teaching tool. Teachers teaching English, Social Science and Science in classes 8, 9, 10 devote 5 minutes for discussing news related to the respective subject.

To inculcate reading habit in the students they are asked to read 5 books within 3 months. If he/she completes reading 5 books which are categorized, he will be a star reader. A child who possesses 3 star reader certificates is entitled to get a cash award of Rs.501 .

In the morning assembly there is a news reading segment where a student from class VII or VIII reads the days’ important news. The children listen to the news. Each child is asked to keep a news diary in which they write the important news of the day. The class teacher supervises this by giving necessary corrections and instructions. To assist the students, the day’s news will be typed and displayed on the display board with relevant pictures.

The school has a vegetable garden maintained by the students. The gardening experience will help children to observe and learn the different stages and methods of cultivation.
Every year the school sows and harvest paddy in the nearby field. The students witness the various stages of production such as winnowing, steaming etc.. until it becomes rice.

Study tours and Picnics are conducted once in every year. All the students should compulsorily take part in these one-day trips.